Convert Forms - The Most User-Friendly Joomla Form Builder in the Market v.4.3.0

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Convert Forms - The Most User-Friendly Joomla Form Builder in the Market v.4.3.0

  • Version: 4.x.x
  • Compatibility: J3.8, J3.9, J3.10, J4.X
  • Includes: Plugin, Component, Module


Implements the Conditional Content ShortcodeImplements Smart Tags modifiers: prepareContent, shortNumberAdds support for Subform Custom Fields in Smart Tags.AcyMailing Task now triggers AcyMailing Subscription Advanced Notifications.Fix: Intro/Full Article Image issues on subfolder sites created via the Content App.Fix: AcyMailing ignores the langauge when a subscriber is created.Fix: Ensure Convert Forms shortcodes are parsed in EngageBox Free.Fix: Fields placeholder (hint) wasn't being set correctly when editing a submission.Fix: Non-required Date field does not allow direct input.Fix: Detect Visitor Country option may not detect the country in some circumstances.Fix: Webhook data sent incorrectly in FORM request format.Custom Code option renamed to Custom JavaScript and now accepts only scripts.
GetResponse integration improvements.Improves the Phone Number field preview in editor.Fix: The form shortcode may remain unparsed in some page builders.Fix: Smart Tags are not replaced in various field properties in the submission editing page.Fix: Phone Number field wouldn't appear correctly when a custom column layout was selected.Fix: Forms filter dropdown is not in alphabetical order.Fix: Honeypot field may be incorrectly displayed due to invalid Custom CSS.Fix: Cannot duplicate a campaign in Joomla 5.Fix: Minor styling issue with the Apps list.Fix: Deprecated: strpos(): Passing null to parameter of type string is deprecated in PHP 8.1.
Adds Search Bar to Front-end Submissions.Implements the Copy Field Value action in Conditional Fields.Fix: The Input CSS Class option is missing in the Phone Number field.Fix: Cannot publish/unpublish campaigns using the Status column.Fix: Placeholder for dropdown does not respect the correct color.Fix: A wrong submitter's username is displayed in the backend submissions.Fix: "Invalid address: (Reply-To)" when multiple Reply-To Email addresses are used.Fix: PHP Error "Detection\MobileDetect::__construct(): Argument #2 ($config) must be of type array, null given"
Implements the Brevo (Formerly SendInBlue) task.Adds 5 new form templates: Volunteer Application, Rate Your Shopping Experience, Pre-Sales Inquiry, Cancellation Survey, Car Rental Booking FormThe SendInBlue integration is now deprecated.Fix: Tasks Connection Manager dialog is not displayed correctly.Fix: Phone Number would require a value even though it's set as optional.Fix: The Field Size option is missing in the Phone Number field.Fix: Drip integration improvements.Fix: Field Calculations wouldn't respect decimal points in some cases.Fix: Cannot duplicate a form in Joomla 5.Fix: Math Captcha may fail under certain circumstances.
Fix: Joomla 5 compatibility issues.Fix: A wrong submitter's username is displayed in the backend submissions.Fix: Nested Smart Tags are not parsed.Fix: The Webhooks App fails on Joomla 3.Adds the {submission.user_username} Smart Tag.
Adds Decimal Separator option to Calculation Fields.Refactors the export submissions process in Joomla 4.Fix: [Joomla 3] Phone Number Country Selector not being editable when editing a submission.Fix: Required Phone field is detected as empty on Joomla 3.Fix: If you can access the Submissions page, you can now export submissions.Fix: Phone Field may break submissions export.Fix: Field Calculations do not detect the value of Rating Fields.Fix: List fields may become unusable if no valid choices are set.Fix: The geolocation library may conflict with other extensions resulting in a fatal error.Fix: MailChimp app may throw PHP Notice: Undefined index: interests_replace.Fix: Couldn't save the form when a Country/Currency field was present in the form.MailChimp app now returns a response object readable by next tasks.Fix: Webhooks addon now considers all 2xx status codes as successful.JSON API: Reduced default result limit to 100 submissions.

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